Are you a coach, consultant, therapist or trainer?

Work with more clients online

We'll fully set up your online course, membership or coaching program.

Let us handle the tech,

so you can focus on what YOU do best.

Too busy to launch your content online?

You're an expert at what you do.

But you don't have the time (or inclination) to set up an online course or membership program, even though you know it will help you serve more clients and have greater impact.

You have valuable material to share with your clients in between your 1-to-1 or group sessions - guides, toolkits, cheatsheets or helpful videos.

How can you share this content securely with your mailing list, your private clients, members or course attendees?

You've been trawling through the internet trying to compare fancy online platforms - the choice is overwhelming. Once you choose one, you'll then have to work out how to use it...

Next you'll have to do the donkeywork of setting every lesson up, and feedback forms, getting the payments bit working, and making sure it all works correctly.

Sadly, some coaches end up paying for an expensive platform for 6 months or more, while they scratch their heads, feeling overwhelmed. And after all that, they end up hiring an expert to do it all for them anyway.

Sound familiar? This probably explains why you haven't got around to it yet.

That's what we are here for!

We'll set everything up for you.

Let's take that tech headache away.

Leave it with us and your new coaching site can be ready to go within 2 weeks.

Imagine if you just handed over your course, program membership materials, and somebody else set it all up for you.

It really is that simple with CoachOnline.

Talk to us about what you want to launch, and then share your content with us.

We'll take care of the rest, and come back to you with your site built, looking smart and professional, ready to welcome your clients and get you paid.

Review. Tweak. Launch. Start growing your business online.

All-in-one simplicity

CoachOnline makes it easy.

Newly subscribed clients can pay online to access your content right away, and lose it if they cancel their subscription

Different pages of content can be combined into bundles, so you can set pricing and plans accordingly

Connect through private chat messages, group chats or forums for different client groups or course cohorts all within your own personally-branded app

It is web-based, so works like a website, but can also be saved to your device's homescreen for easy access, like an app

Schedule and send instant in-app notifications to everyone, specific member groups, or even individuals.

Collect feedback with voting polls, ratings, reviews and forms throughout your course modules to track progress

We can record personalised videos just for you, explaining how to edit your app easily yourself, and we can also do a live handover call to cover any queries.

We also offer a done-for-you service for any additional changes for just £30 per half hour. So you don't need to hire a VA separately! Bulk discount available.

Is CoachOnline for you?

Who can use CoachOnline?

Highly qualified people with expertise across a diverse range of sectors can benefit from CoachOnline's service.

Whether you are call yourself a coach, counsellor, consultant, trainer, therapist or healer - if you have knowledge to impart, you can reach a broader audience by doing this online via live or recorded sessions with individuals or groups, or through written material.

If tech is not your thing, or you are just too busy to get going, don't let this stop you from benefiting from an online client base. Launch your own online course or membership program now with the CoachOnline team by your side.

From psychologists to nutrition coaches to yoga teachers, and everything in between - our demos showcase how different types of experts can use CoachOnline to serve their clients. Get in touch for more information on how it could work for you.

Tes Macpherson

Founder of CoachOnline

Who is behind CoachOnline?

Hi there, I am an engineer with over 25 years experience in the software industry, including 15 years as a tech startup founder and freelance software product manager.

I love meeting new people, and helping them to overcome technical barriers, so they can have greater reach and increase their impact in the world.

Too many people get stuck at the first hurdle, overwhelmed by the different available options, or put off by over-complicated systems.

I created CoachOnline to make it really quick and easy to launch a new membership program or online course, because all the groundwork is done for you.

Now there is nothing standing in your way. Let me help you get started with sharing your expertise in a scalable, sustainable and profitable way.

I look forward to hearing from you!


"Working with Tes has been a joy!

She has responded quickly and thoroughly to all my questions and implemented everything I asked her to. 

Put your trust in this techie expert and you won't regret it! "

Karen Dawkins

Business Strategist


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