What Coaches Need to Know about Online Course and Member Management Platforms

Whether you specialise in life coaching, executive or career coaching, providing nutritional advice, or you're an expert in some other niche field, you positively impact people's lives with your expertise and guidance.

However, you've realised something's not quite right. Your current operations seem to be stunting your growth and potential.

You're ready for this to change, but perhaps you're not quite sure of the direction to take. Maybe, you are intrigued by the world of online courses and membership platforms, but their labyrinthine inner workings leave you scratching your head.

You're not alone, not by a good mile! Don’t worry though, you’ve come to the right place. I'm here to help you figure out why, and what you can do about it. Let's map out your paint points and objectives, then discuss how you can overcome these challenges and move forward.

1. What are online course and member management platforms?

Online course and member management systems are software applications used to administer, track, deliver, and document educational courses or training programs. These platforms make online learning possible, and offer a collection of features for managing registrations, payments, content, and connecting members in a community.

2. How are online learning platforms beneficial?

Online learning platforms provide an efficient way to learn at your own pace. They also allow students to engage with each other, take courses they are interested in, and learn from people all over the world. They also help to manage administrative tasks like course management, payments and reporting.

3. How can coaches and consultants use online course and member management platforms?

Individual educators with expertise in broad areas, or even very specific niches, can leverage these platforms to deliver courses to learners globally, and also nurture a loyal tribe of followers by cultivating an online community. They can pre-record and share their knowledge in bitesize courses, increasing their income without working more hours a week. These platforms also allow people to get a taste of their work at a lower price point, and can lead to requests for one-to-one consultations and coaching

4. Can I create and sell my own courses on these platforms?

Yes, most of these platforms allow you to create, host, and sell your own courses. They provide tools to upload content, design courses, set prices, and manage payments.

5. What kind of courses can I offer on these platforms?

You can offer courses and membership content on almost any subject, as long as it abides by the platform's content policy. This may involve life coaching, business coaching, career or executive coaching, yoga or fitness coaching, teaching parenting skills; creative skills like art, music, language learning; tech skills like programming, digital marketing and much more.

6. Can members interact with each other on these platforms?

Yes, many platforms offer community features, allowing members to interact with each other, ask questions, discuss course content, share resources, etc.

7. Are online course and member management platforms expensive?

Costs vary greatly depending on the platform and the specific features you need. Some platforms offer free basic plans, while others may charge a monthly or yearly subscription fee. It's important to evaluate what features you require and compare different platforms before making a decision.

8. Can I use these platforms if I have no technical background?

Most platforms are designed to be user-friendly and often provide tutorials, templates, drag-and-drop builders, and customer support to help you create and manage your courses. However, they do usually require a time commitment for this learning curve, and it's not unusual for people to hire experts to complete the set up for them, especially if they are short of time or not very tech-savvy.

9. Are online course and member management platforms secure?

Yes, any credible platform prioritises security to ensure data privacy and have inbuilt measures to prevent security breaches. However, it's important to check individual platform's security features and ensure they comply with international security standards.

Food for Thought...

I hope this provides some insights into some of the features and benefits of modern online course and membership platforms. Hopefully this will inspire you to give some thought to how you can expand your services online. Let me know if I can help you to launch your course or membership program on CoachOnline. To your success!



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